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Automated code metrics: Why you shouldn’t care about thresholds

By | August 23, 2011 | 1 Comment »

Rouslan MinasianEverybody likes statistics. Having a bunch of numbers to look at or to manipulate gives you the feeling of being in control of things, or at least of having a grasp on reality. So when a manager asks me what our average cyclomatic code complexity is today, I don’t blame him. Still, I respond by asking why he wants to know.

I think I might literally roll on the floor laughing if I was told, for example, that we have too few lines of code (I heard a story about that once, and I hope the person who told it was kidding). But you do hear quite often that according to the contract, our test coverage should be above 90%, or that the maximum value of MCC should be 10. And that makes me sad. Read more

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