Strategic sourcing

First Line has developed an integrated approach to sourcing, with a special focus on defining repeatable and scalable activities and deliverables. Our methodology helps customers plan, build and run sourcing relationships, starting from the strategic decision to outsource projects or programs and build a business plan, down to the details of selecting the right projects to outsource, identifying and choosing vendors, building the optimal governance model, running the relationship, measuring results and introducing ongoing process improvement.

The main steps covering the overall First Line sourcing methodology include the following:

  • Strategic Planning
    • Understand the current environment
    • Inventory the system and service portfolio
    • Perform a Business Value Assessment
    • Define Success Criteria and Acceptance Criteria
    • Make the sourcing decision
  • Definition
    • Define the scope of the program
    • Identify the engagement structure
    • Select a service provider or a group of service providers
  • Initiation
    • Identify the detailed components of the engagement
    • Work with support functions to get ready and resolve logistics
    • Work out a detailed and realistic knowledge transfer plan
    • Complete financial and business justifications and secure executive sign-off
  • Execution
    • Work with the service provider(s) to initiate the engagement
    • Transition the system to the service provider
    • Set up the steady state of the engagement
    • Govern the steady state of the engagement
    • When required, transition back to customer
  • Improvement
    • Monitor the metrics produced for the engagement
    • Develop productivity improvement initiatives
    • Monitor internal customer satisfaction
    • Compare service providers’ performance
    • Define improvement strategy with the service provider(s)
    • Define improvement strategy for the overall sourcing process

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