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Application QA and Testing

According to industry research by Gartner, while testing consumes 25% to 50% of the average application life cycle, it is often viewed as adding no business value. Many organizations do not know how much they are spending on testing and QA, nor do they understand the true cost of inadequate testing procedures or have a discretionary budget to develop world-class services. Outsourcing is one way to gain control of this critical process.

The lack of testing and QA standards, as well as a lack of consistency, often lead to business disruption, which can be costly. As businesses realize this, it is no wonder that application testing services — particularly those delivered with offshore resources — is a rapidly growing market.

First Line provides independent QA and testing services to improve quality of production code, reduce costs of maintenance, boost performance, and ultimately increase end user satisfaction.

Our testing services portfolio includes the following:

  • Test process audit / Outsourcing readiness assessment
  • Test coverage analysis
  • Test strategy development
  • Test execution
  • Test automation

A dedicated team of First Line testers and QA analysts can work independently or jointly with a client’s in-house QA organization. Our QA engineers have experience and expertise in the following types of testing:

  • Unit
  • Functional / Regression
  • Integration testing
  • Load / Stress
  • Failover / Recovery
  • Performance
  • Compatibility
  • Security

Of course, Quality Assurance goes beyond just software testing: quality should to be built, rather than tested, into the product. First Line can work with your team to evaluate the quality of your process, and suggest practical improvements. Borrowing from our rich set of proven techniques and best practices, such as test-driven design, test-driven development, continuous integration, and smart test automation, we can help you significantly improve the overall quality of finished software. Using a comprehensive set of metrics and a broad range of means, including ongoing internal reviews, joint project postmortems, and others, we will help implement the principle of “reflect and adapt”, an important part of the Agile approach, for continuous process improvement.

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