Professional Services

First Line’s Professional Services offering is focused on two main areas:

Project Support

Our onsite Professional Services staff can be the solution of some frequent problems in offshore outsourcing engagements:

  • Communication with the offshore staff: this issue sometimes presents itself even if proper risk management and governance have been set up. This is in fact one of the main reasons of failure for outsourcing engagements. At project inception First Line will analyze the environmental conditions of the project and recommend the right staff distribution. Our projects can be performed fully offshore, or require travels onsite, or have an onsite team component: this can be simply a project coordinator – a technical resource who performs project tasks and helps with coordination and communication between customer and FLS – or a larger team including architects, business analysts and even testers and developers if needed. In presence of multiple concurrent projects a Program Manager may be appointed to keep consistency and leverage programming efforts across projects.
  • Cultural differences: Some projects experience challenges due to the different culture of the customer and offshore team. Our Professional Services are staffed by local resources with a deep understanding of the offshore team and the ability to interface efficiently between them and the customer
  • Time difference: We can use to our advantage the difference in time between our teams. First Line staff is flexible to accommodate customer’s working time and in addition to this, our onsite team will allow for a virtual extension of the working day to 12 to 16 hours. More will be done in the same time, the onsite team will take over where the offshore team left and vice versa.

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