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First Line’s objective is to make the customer experience as transparent and smooth as possible. We take a consultative and collaborative approach to client engagements, anticipating and managing typical outsourcing issues and risks. Working closely with all stakeholders on the client side, we jointly establish clear roles, responsibilities, and communication channels from the start, and make sure that all deliverables are produced on time at each stage of the process.

The account team consisting of a senior executive and an experienced delivery manager, with the help of our IT support staff, will accommodate all your infrastructure, connectivity, and security needs for each project. We will also select the core development team, and jointly develop the staffing plan with you to ramp up the project team over time to ensure successful delivery against your timeframe. Where appropriate, a pilot project may be implemented to test drive the governance approach and the quality of service.

Based on the nature of the task at hand and the timeframe, we will recommend the development methodology and engagement model that we believe best suit your needs. We don’t rigidly insist on a ‘one size fits all’ process: our flexible engagement methodology applies the same core principles of governance while retaining the unique process characteristics appropriate to a specific customer’s situation. Neither do we believe in the ‘throw-it-over-the-wall-and-wait’ approach to outsourcing: our hands-on account team will establish transparent governance and communication between all stakeholders on the project. We will work with you to set up proper controls, metrics and procedures to ensure the highest degree of transparency, so you never have to wonder about the project’s progress and health.

Our offshore-based teams can be complemented by local experienced personnel from our Professional Services organization. Depending on the size and complexity of the engagement, we can offer local staff including:

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Program Managers
  • Technical Project Coordinators
  • Business Analysts
  • Test Managers
  • Developers

The onsite team will be able to support the customer directly, fill any gaps between the in-house and the offshore teams, advise the customer on business and technical issues, and work seamlessly with the offshore team within the boundaries of the agreed methodology.

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