Consulting approach

First Line has developed a unified methodology customizable for multiple professional services engagements and yet consistent in its approach and deliverables. Our methodology includes a framework based on a shared knowledge base, continuously updated and augmented as new engagements are completed. A global and unified set of processes leverage this framework to deliver our professional services outcomes.

Our typical engagement starts with a Problem Assessment (PA).

The objective of the PA is to generate a data-driven roadmap for the engagement. First Line brings a number of distinct capabilities including business process analysis, industry experience and technical expertise for identifying process and technical inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. During the PA our senior consultants will gather and correlate the essential business and technical requirements and will define the main priorities to deliver the highest business value. This approach will already start addressing the frequent issue of misallignment between technical and business needs.

Paramount to the success of the PA is customer participation and goal sharing between First Line consultants and the customer team. For this reason the PA starts with a 4-8 hour goal setting session, attended by the joint FLS/customer team that sets the stage for a clear definition of the final objective and how success will look like.

The key phases of our PA engagements are :

Phase 1 – Goal Setting

This initial half to one day working session has the defined objective of setting alignment within the joint team with regard to the definition of success of the engagement. All main stakeholders attend this meeting to ensure there is full agreement on the definition of success. FLS staff will manage the meeting to ensure its goal is achieved and will document the outcomes, which will constitute a reference document for the life of the engagement.

Phase 2 – Prioritization

This phase is used to gather initial information to identify and prioritize existing opportunities within the client operation at a high level, based on criteria such as improvement potential, risks, organizational support, technology choices and cost metrics.   Upon achieving a prioritization, a high-level business case using financial and non-financial metrics is developed and the process is ready to move to a more detailed phase.

Phase 3 – Assessment

Our team will gather information through a combination of workshops, client interviews and existing documentation.  The workshops are divided into separate segments to focus on specific areas of the business which may vary for each engagement:

Business Workshop

These sessions validate and quantify the business goals and strategies relevant to the engagement. The team will explore the key challenges and opportunities facing the business and will validate the specific success factors and business risks.

Operations Workshop

With the assistance and input of client operations managers, FLS generates current process maps using process modeling tools for the identified opportunities. This exercise reveals a host of benefits that may be available through re-engineering of existing processes, the elimination of redundant activities and the application of different technology

Technology Workshop

Focusing on the technology aspects of the solution, our technical architects work with client IT managers to understand the current technology environment

Phase 4 – Business case and Roadmap

This phase is focused on developing the future operational and technology solution and the quantified costs and benefits from its deployment. First line team and the customer will review the options identified by First Line and select the right one before developing a business case and an implementation roadmap


The formal output of the PA process is a number of deliverables for the client including:

  • A prioritized process list to ensure that the processes that can deliver most value to the client are addressed first
  • Detailed process maps and analysis for both the current and future processes
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are measures used to assess the performance of the current process, and to predict the improvement within the future processes
  • A Solution Definition that outlines requirements for a technical solution to enable the future process
  • Business case and supporting financial models that identify the benefits and costs associated with the solution
  • High-level implementation plan/ Roadmap including the main project schedule and the intermediate achievements of the implementation

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