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One of the most visible and fastest growing markets for wearable electronics and the ecosystem of complementary services, apps and devices is comprised of the health and fitness-consious consumers: wearing a fitness wristband is practically a conspicuous symbol of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, wearable devices are also increasingly marketed to consumers with health conditions, to caregivers monitoring the elderly and ill, to medical clinicians, and even in the B2B world, to HR departments seeking to improve employee safety, wellness and organizational efficiency. It is not surprising therefore that the worldwide revenue from wearable electronic devices, apps and services for fitness and personal health was anticipated to reach $1.6 billion in 2013, increasing to $5 billion by 2016 (source: Gartner).

Experts in wearable technology solutions A successful wearable technology product will combine breakthrough hardware design with effective and comprehensive software, both on the device itself and in the cloud, where the data continuously collected by the device is analyzed, visualized and presented to the user in the most useful ways. For example, a fitness bracelet may contain a multiplicity of sensors (optical, electrical, and other) measuring various parameters from steps taken to heart rate to skin hydration. However, it is in the cloud portion of the software that the ultimate value to the user resides: it is the analysis and interpretation of their heart rate, movement and sleep patterns, and other data that will present the users with opportunities to change or improve their lives, driven by their new “quantified self” awareness. Added to that is the ability to integrate with social media and get engaged in communities of like-minded individuals, share your data, and compare your measurements and progress to others’. Social networks and gamification motivates users to compete, rewards them for meeting their goals, and helps build support systems for users with similar objectives.

Based on our experience working with some of the most exciting wearable tech companies in the world, we know how to tie together hardware, embedded low-level software, cloud architecture, analytics, data visualization, and mobile applications to deliver a winning package that will capture the minds of investors and consumers.

Experts in wearable technology solutionsFirst Line’s expert team of hardware and software engineers and designers will work with your product development team to architect the software backend for your wearable for speed and scalability, optimize the on-device and web interfaces for your users, and build appealing and easy to use companion applications for the leading mobile platforms. We help wearable technology companies perform technology research and feasibility studies to optimize their product backlogs and shorten their time-to-market by providing them with teams of extremely bright and savvy product managers, engineers and software developers.

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