Cloud computing

Cloud computing

First Line’s Cloud Solutions Practice helps IT departments address the most persistent and serious challenges that may prevent certain businesses from taking the full advantage of the cloud technologies.

The proliferation of cloud computing is continuing at a confident pace. According to Gartner, worldwide cloud revenues are forecasted to grow from $68.3 billion in 2010 to $148.8 billion in 2014, and the percentage of CIOs who have the majority of their IT running in the cloud or on SaaS technologies is expected to grow to 43% over the next four years. The adopters who have made the move to SaaS enjoy many benefits, such as reduced capital expenditure and TCO based on lower infrastructure investments, instant scalability, accessibility of information, fast software deployment and seamless updates, and the reduced need for IT personnel to maintain the in-house hardware and applications.

Data issues

However, organizations conscious of the security of their data are in less of a hurry to jump on the cloud bandwagon. Data security continues to be the #1 obstacle to cloud adoption, with 70% of CIOs expressing major concerns about loss of transparency and control, and the difficulty of ensuring regulatory compliance with corporate data expanding to the cloud. Another important area of concern is data quality management: according to Ventana Research, only 15 percent of organizations have completed a data quality initiative for cloud data, and the number for master data management is only 5 percent.

Bridging the gap

Is there an inescapable tradeoff between the flexibility of the cloud and the security of on premise data storage? Can an organization hesitant to let its sensitive corporate data into the cloud still capture the benefits of the SaaS model?

First Line is enabling its clients to connect cloud-based applications to the on premise data. Our solution places a functional stack between the cloud application and the on-premise database. The solution combines our proprietary “cloud-to-earth adaptor” that implements reliable messaging across an unstable network with the comprehensive mapping between the cloud-based business logic and the on premise data store. Our expert engineers can optimize the adaptor to specific relational databases, while the clients retain full control of the mapping process, including access restrictions down to the field level, thus introducing another level of security.

Our solution supports connections to a single or multiple data sources on the client site, as well as a single or multiple cloud applications. It also provides comprehensive reporting about operations performed by the adapter. Robust monitoring and reporting capabilities help ensure that all components are accessible and operational, as well as provide information that can be used for optimizing data structures and deployment configurations.


In CIO Magazine’s recent survey of over 450 technology executives, 69% of respondents say that cloud is an important enabler of business innovation at their organizations. For 62%, cloud is their top investment priority. Similarly, Gartner’s Executive Survey of more than 2,000 CIOs firmly places the cloud on the top on the technology priority list.

Having the option to keep data on premise and still tap into the potential of the cloud allows IT executives to extend the range of strategic planning for their organizations. If your company is seeking to capture the advantages of SaaS without compromising either the security of your data or the robustness of your data quality management process, our unique solution and the experienced professional services team can help make it a reality.

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