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First Line has come to adopt Agile as our preferred approach based on thousands of man-years of experience in delivering offshore projects. Our process is built on the core principles of Scrum and incorporates elements of Extreme Programming, Kanban, FDD and other Agile methodologies based on the specific project at hand.

First Line’s experience with Agile in offshore outsourcing spans more than a decade. Our team has also won industry-wide recognition of the successful use of distributed Scrum in large-scale outsourced projects. Many of our experts have been certified as Scrum Masters and Product Owners and are frequently invited to speak on a wide variety of Agile-related topics at various conferences and industry events.

In October 2012, after going through a Scrum Capability Assessment, First Line became the first organization in the world to be awarded an official Scrum Capability Medallion by Scrum Inc., the company founded and led by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-inventor of Scrum.

“Scrum and other Agile methodologies are becoming ever more prevalent, and it has become fashionable to say that a company ‘is Agile’. The Rating was developed based on my experience to recognize those companies that back this assertion up with action, and demonstrate that they are actually executing Scrum well at the team level. All three Medallion tiers require companies to have a high-performing Scrum, and represent a significant accomplishment. I am not surprised that the team at First Line have been awarded a Medallion, given that our past work together has consistently shown them to be deeply committed to the principles of Scrum”.

Dr. Jeff Sutherland
Co-inventor of Scrum

According to Scrum Inc., a Bronze rating certifies that the company is consistently executing essential elements of Scrum well in core segments of their business:

  • - All roles, artifacts and ceremonies are carried out effectively
  • - Teams know their velocity and deliver a working increment of product at the end of each Sprint
  • - They are aware of and consistently removing impediments, and have demonstrated and sustained improvement in velocity over time
  • - Any variations from core Scrum are deliberate, done only in response to specific business needs, and grounded in Agile principles

In addition to applying Agile methodologies in our projects, First Line can also assist your team in their own Agile transformation initiatives. By engaging one of our experienced coaches, your team can quickly learn how to apply the principles and practices of Agile while delivering actual valuable work.

In our experience, this kind of coaching is one of the most effective methods of helping a software development organization move to an Agile paradigm. By the end of the exercise, your team will be well on the way to being ready to run their next Agile project independently.

If you would like to explore further how First Line can help you apply Agile to your software outsourcing initiatives to better manage project risks, enhance code quality and improve return on investment, please get in touch.

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