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Getting good results with Agile is relatively easy: assemble a cross-functional team, identify and prioritize backlog items, develop user stories, build working software incrementally with each sprint, perform continuous integration, look for continuous improvement, reprioritize and reshuffle user stories based on the changing business conditions.

At the same time, achieving consistent and predictable quality on time is a bigger challenge and it is highly dependent on the value of your team, not just your process.

While we agree that a good initial indoctrination through formal training can help providing a high-level understanding of the job of a Scrum Master, an Agile Developer or a Product Owner, our Coaching approach offers the best opportunity for a team to deliver a project while learning on the job.

First Line Coaches are more than just Agile experts, they supervise the development team hands-on, guiding staff in all roles and actively participating in the team’s effort.

Our Coach will join your project team to assist in building the product backlog, selecting sprint backlogs, prioritizing user stories, facilitating the appropriate Agile ceremonies, building and testing. They will work to enable the entire team to learn and absorb the Agile way of building software – by doing, while successfully delivering the project.

At the end of the engagement you will have:

  • Embedded Agile practices in the development methodology
  • Established a framework of best practices and a process library that can be applied to other projects
  • Delivered the project on time, cost and quality
  • Defined a set of KPIs to measure quality and value delivered
  • Built dashboards and other tools to track and report on KPIs

Our Coach can be also involved with the projects where First Line is providing services via a remote development team. While First Line’s offshore team will retain the main responsibility for the project deliverables, your team will have an opportunity to observe and participate to the activities. Our Agile Coach will mirror and replicate activities performed offshore with your team for coaching purposes and as your team grows more knowledgeable of the Agile practices, they will be able to take over part of the workload to learn on the job.

Contact us to discuss how our Agile coaches may be able to take your teams to new heights of productivity.

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