Mission and values

We know that people perform best when they are engaged and motivated. Based on that knowledge, we have worked to build the culture of empowerment, responsibility and trust. We believe in achieving results by putting capable people on the right job and giving them the tools they need to get it done. We love to see our people excel and thrive, and we encourage them to take initiative, responsibility, and proud ownership of their work.


First Line’s mission is to help customers capture vital market opportunities by consistently delivering software that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

In order to deliver the best software we can possibly produce, we integrate closely with our customers’ teams to achieve a shared understanding of business value, and apply the best people, processes, and technologies available to us.

Our slogan is THINK RESULTS because our ambition is to be associated with getting the job done right the first time, every time, and with delivering outstanding software that drives our customers’ success in the market.


We believe that our success is determined by the values that define us as a company. We strive to manifest these values in everything we do, from hiring our employees and providing them with opportunities for professional growth, to successfully delivering challenging projects and building lasting partnerships with clients. Our commitment to excellence is at the center of First Line’s business, and it drives us to deliver an exceptional outsourcing experience in every engagement.


We believe in aligning our goals and succeeding together

We don’t make promises we can’t keep. If we believe an approach the customer insists on will not work, or if we don’t believe the project is a good fit, we’d much rather be honest up front and not get the contract than bill the customer for the work and see them fail down the road. We believe in aligning our goals and succeeding together as partners, not as the expense of one another.


Our goal is to never be a ‘black box’, to never keep clients wondering

Successful partnerships can’t be built without trust, and trust needs to be earned. Our goal is to never be a black box, to never have clients wondering about the true status of a project. We use a number of tools and metrics to ensure full transparency on the up-to-the-minute basis, because teams can only work together successfully if everybody is on the same page.


There is no ‘good news’ or ‘bad news’, only vital information

Transparency and cooperation are realized through truthful communication. We believe that there is no “good news” or ‘bad news’, only information, and we take great care to establish clear communication channels from the start to ensure its uninhibited flow. Moreover, since our goal is to deliver maximum value, we will tend to ask a lot of questions to make sure we fully understand your needs, discuss all possible implications, and offer deeply considered suggestions. In other words, if we see a way to improve something, we will let you know.


We are are accessible and will work with you to find a solution to any unexpected challenge

As Field Marshall von Moltke famously said, “No campaign plan survives the first contact with the enemy”. A good partner needs to be able to respond quickly to changing circumstances and market conditions. We fully appreciate how critical flexibility and responsiveness are to making an outsourcing relationship work. Our managers and executives are always accessible and will work with you to find a solution to any unexpected challenge.

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