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Outsourcing chaos begets more chaos

By | July 25, 2012 | No Comments »

Alexander Pozdniakov A recent example of software-related troubles at RBS described in this Computing Magazine article is a good illustration of the GIGO principle (“garbage in, garbage out”). If you have a mess on your hands, outsourcing it won’t solve the problem.

Outsourcing of application development is (understandably) often blamed for problems with software. Sometimes the criticisms are true. However, in certain cases laying the blame at the feet of an outsourcing partner masks the real problems instead of solving them. While software outsourcing does introduce complexities of its own (and hence has the potential to create new problems), my observation is that generally, well-run companies are far more successful at outsourcing than those run poorly. Read more

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The Case Against Agile: It’s Too Damn Hard

By | July 10, 2012 | No Comments »

Sergei AndrzeevskyThis article has been beaten to death by many, including on this blog. Still, I wanted to talk about several reasons why some organizations have difficulties adopting Agile. And if what I have to say is controversial, oh well, so be it.

It is not uncommon for large companies to have more managers than developers. (What on Earth could they be managing?..) With Agile, or Scrum in particular, there is basically just the Scrum Master and the Scrum team itself, and up from there we have the Product Owner and the business. Entire layers of management become, ehr, less necessary. Read more

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Cloud Computing Journal picks up our story

By | July 2, 2012 | No Comments »

Peter Vaihansky

Another quick update… Cloud Computing Journal has published our article on how businesses could solve the problem of using on-premise data store with cloud-based business logic.

Cloud Computing Journal is published by SYS-CON Media, widely recognized in the Internet-technology and magazine publishing industries as the world’s leading publisher of i-technology magazines, electronic newsletters, and accompanying i-technology breaking news… Read more

Post to Twitter Bringing the Cloud down to Earth

By | July 1, 2012 | No Comments »

Peter VaihanskyA couple of weeks ago First Line was featured on is edited by Rich Brueckner, a writer, publisher, and technology pundit recently named as one of the Top 20 Big Data Influencers by Forbes Magazine.

Enjoy the webcast below. In it, we talk with Rich Brueckner about the solution we are currently working on, a… Read more

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