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Automated code metrics: Why you shouldn’t care about thresholds

By | August 23, 2011 | 1 Comment »

Rouslan MinasianEverybody likes statistics. Having a bunch of numbers to look at or to manipulate gives you the feeling of being in control of things, or at least of having a grasp on reality. So when a manager asks me what our average cyclomatic code complexity is today, I don’t blame him. Still, I respond by asking why he wants to know.

I think I might literally roll on the floor laughing if I was told, for example, that we have too few lines of code (I heard a story about that once, and I hope the person who told it was kidding). But you do hear quite often that according to the contract, our test coverage should be above 90%, or that the maximum value of MCC should be 10. And that makes me sad. Read more

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Pair programming misused

By | August 16, 2011 | No Comments »

Michael GanchikovMany fans of Agile love pair programming. Tons of articles have been written on all the good things it can bring to a development team. However, if misused or allowed to get out of control, pair programming can do serious harm.

Pair programming involves two programmers working as a pair at the same keyboard, one “driving”, i.s. writing code and explaining why certain statements were used, etc., and the other “observing” –paying close attention to what is happening on the screen and providing early feedback. This approach enables early discovery of obvious design issues, before the code is even first compiled. Read more

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